For every order made by a buyer to Kinanshop, his privacy will be protected. This will be proven by several things that can be known in the following matters. 


Kinanshop accepts various types of orders and the number of items varies. Some ordered many items at once and some ordered only a few items. Because of this, of course Kinanshop sets different rules based on the number of items ordered. This is also the standard privacy policy applied by Kinanshop. This packing difference will be divided into two categories; large and small or medium. For small or medium packages, Kinanshop will send the package wrapped in double plastic and duct tape. However, for large packages, additional packing will be provided. Large packages will be put in plastic which will also be tapered, and then they will be put in sacks and sewn. Whatever the size of the package, the complete shipping address will be labeled as written by the buyer. If the address sent by the buyer is incomplete or not found, the courier will return the package to Kinanshop and the postage paid by the buyer will not be returned. However, if the buyer still wants the purchase to arrive, the buyer must pay double the postage. 


So far, Kinanshop has only provided one number for buyers to contact. This number is specifically for receiving SMS or WhatsApp and is also a specific number for Customer Care. There is only one number from Kinanshop that receives SMS or WhatsApp messages: 085921816251. Kinanshop is not responsible for fraud or crimes claiming to be Kinanshop, which is proven by the existence of a number other than that number contacted by the buyer. 


All transactions at Kinanshop will be guaranteed privacy. Not only about transactions, items purchased by buyers can also be confidential and safe. This is the privacy standard that Kinanshop has set for all our buyers. The Privacy Policy above can be understood by all Kinanshop buyers and also please be known by all Kinanshop buyers to be able to avoid unwanted things. It is also necessary to remember how the return system and complaint rules have been set by Kinanshop.