Q : Are the items sold here ready stock and real picture?

A : Yes, all items are ready stock and real picture.

Q : I've ordered on the web, but why can't I find the account number?

A : It means your order hasn't been completed, because when it's completed the account number will appear on screen, so does the order number.

Q : Ah, right! The account number appeared on the screen. But I accidentally pressed it, so the account number disappeared from the screen. Now, how?

A : Check your e-mail. There is a copy of the order confirmation in the e-mail.

Q : There is nothing in my e-mail?

A : Try checking spam - because this email is automatically from the system sometimes it is counted as spam.

Q : There's nothing in spam too?

A : Check on the web - by logging in and then clicking "order status".

Q : How to look for the item I wanted to buy?

A : We've made easy on the web - based on local and imported product categories. If you can't find it, you can use the SEARCH facility at the bottom of the slide show.

Q : What if I still can't find it?

A : That means it's out of stock - just keep checking, who knows it will be restocked suddenly.

Q : I've ordered on the web, there are more items that I want to buy too. How?

A : Just re-order.

Q : Can it be added manually?

A : It can't. We're afraid that it will be missed, and our stock will be messed up.

Q : I've ordered on the web, but there's something I want to partially cancel, how do I do it?

A : Again, just re-order.

Q : What about my initial order?

A : It will be subject to auto cancel after 24 hours.

Q : I want to re-order, but there are items that are out of stock and are in my old order, how?

A : Just wait 24 hours until the auto cancel, then the stock will return to the web.

Q : So in conclusion, it can't be edited, right if you order on the web?

A : You can't, please make sure the order is good before clicking OK.

Q : What about the payment when shopping on the web?

A : via BCA transfer.

Q : What about after the transfer?

A : If via transfer, don't forget to fill in the PAYMENT CONFIRMATION - it's on the web menu above or the link has also been given in the email.

Q : I've filled out the confirmation form. Now, how?

A : Check your email, you will receive information when the package will be sent. If needed, the admin will ask for proof of transfer, usually if the transfer is from another bank or something is unclear.

Q : Already transferred, then want to fill in the confirmation form, why can't it?

A : Invoice is valid for 24 hours - if it is more then it will be subject to auto cancel.

Q : But I've transferred, does it mean my money is now gone?

A : Nope, just re-order the exact same thing and confirm it right away.

Q : But the item is not there anymore?

A : Well, it's sold out, then. Another customer has bought it, because when it's auto cancel the stock will return to the web.

Q : So, what about it now?

A : Will be refunded, calm down.

Q : When will it shipped?

A : Check your e-mail - it's informed there. Also read the SHIPPING menu.

Q : When will it arrive?

A : Depends on the distance and the chosen courier.

Q : Where is the shipment from?

A : From Jakarta.

Q : What about COD (Cash on Delivery)?

A : It's possible, you're better to order online first, because of the limited stock of items there.

Q : Why hasn't the shipment arrived yet?

A : Check the receipt - receipt will be given via email or inputted on the web (login then go to order status) D+5 from the date of delivery.

Q: What courier service can we choose?

A: Delivery using Sicepat & Ninjavan couriers.

Q: How's the receipt?

A: Receipts will be given D+5 via email or inputted on the web, usually it will be input in the afternoon, after the shipments of batches 1 and 2 are done first.

Happy Shopping!