02 Nov, 2021 - Fashion

Parents who like to look stylish, usually also apply the same thing to their little ones. Models and colours will be an important consideration in choosing children's clothes. Meanwhile, some other parents, being more relaxed in choosing children's clothes, for them the important thing is comfortable to wear. In fact, they tend to be confused if they have to mix and match clothes that are suitable for the age and style of the little one. In fact, children can look stylish and still comfortable. Even though you have to stay at home, seeing the children look adorable with the right combination of clothes is certainly fun. Moreover, in this digital era, we often share photos of our little ones on social media. 


Here are five tips to mix and match styles of dress from Kinanshop taken from Gingersnaps sources so that children look more stylish: 


1. Choose comfortable clothes. For the age of children who are still very active, choosing the right material to wear is the main factor, so that they stay comfortable all day long. Choose clothes that are not too tight, so that children can move more freely, freely express themselves, and don't sweat easily. 


2. Choose a cheerful color. Experiment with different color options. Don't get hung up on gender-related colors, like pink for girls or blue for boys. Children are free to choose the color they like, but make sure to choose a color that matches your little one's skin tone, to make it look fresher. Monochromatic style can be an option. Monochrome doesn't always have to be black or gray. Monochromatic style is the use of colors with the same tone, so not only dark colors but also light and soft colors, such as salmon, blue, green, pink, yellow and others. 


3. Match clothes with casual travel events such as playdates or spending the weekend with the family. Boys can wear shorts combined with a polo shirt or with a t-shirt combined with a shirt. As for girls, you can use a mini dress combined with denim or use a jumpsuit with beautiful details. For a more formal event, boys can wear a long or short sleeve shirt combined with vest and trousers. For girls, it can be a tank top or cardigan that is stacked with a lacy dress or tutu. 


4. Invite your little one to choose the clothes they want. Get used to getting your little one to participate in mixing and matching the clothes they will wear. That way, parents know what their little ones like and don't like. This activity can also establish closeness between children and parents. 


5. Wear accessories as a complement. Accessories can be a complement or sweetener that can maximize a child's appearance. To support the appearance of your little one, add sweetener accessories such as hair clips, headbands, bandanas, bracelets, hats or bow ties.